Denver Comic Con 2013 with Charlie La Greca and Illya Kowalchuk


Image courtesy Denver Comic Con

This week, we have some super-powered special guests: Charlie La Greca and Illya Kowalchuk, the organizers behind Denver Comic Con 2013 (May 31-June 2), who somehow managed to find time to stop by in the midst of putting together an event that's caused the whole city to go Comic Con crazy.

With geeky Dr. Who and Star Wars references a-flying, the foursome discuss the rise of comic books as a true American mythos, last-minute costume ideas for convention goers (if all else fails, combine socks, sandals and a bucket), and Charlie and Illya's other spectacular escapade, the Comic Book Classroom literacy project. Things get so intergalactically fantastic that Josh can't help but Blue himself.