Denver Pit Bull Ban: Disturbing Photos Of Executed Dogs

UPDATE(10/5/2010): The Denver Pitt Bull Ban was enacted in 1987 after one particular dog attacked a man. The story erroneously reported that a "slew" of attacks was what led to the ban.

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Denver's controversial Pit Bull Ban, which took effect in 1987 after a slew of attacks, has resulted in the execution of over 3,497 dogs, according to Westword.

Recently, a series of photos showing dozens of dead pit bulls surfaced on Flickr. The photographer contacted Westword to confirm that the subject of the photos was in in fact pit bulls that had recently been executed by the City:

The photo-taker, who asked to remain anonymous, tells Westword the pictures were taken in 2006 on the grounds of the city animal shelter as the dead dogs were being removed by a contractor for disposal.

The Denver pit bull ban has been a subject of intense debate in Denver recently, as protesters have descended on city hall to call for an end to the ban. The city enacted a one-year moratorium on the ban in 2004 after the State of Colorado passed a law making the singling out of breeds illegal. The moratorium ended when the City of Denver won a law suit that determined the state law unconstitutional. The pit bull ban has been in place since.

Photos courtesy of Flickr: BL1961:

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