Denver Shooter Near South Irving Street Has Been Shot Down, Officers Say

An active shooter who was walking in the 2200 block of South Irving Street in Denver, Colorado has been shot down, according to a series of Tweets from the Denver Police Department.

Neighbors were being asked to stay inside of their homes Friday around noon while authorities sent in a bomb squad to investigate evidence.

Denver Police Chief Robert White gave the media more information just after noon, revealing that two females were shot.

"He's in the hospital undergoing surgery," White told media on Friday. "Thus far, we've actually located a hand grenade."

White added that at least one woman was found killed in her home and that the suspect had "booby-trapped" the area, firing at a propane tank in the middle of the street that blew up. According to police, there multiple propane tanks with gun powder on them.

"His intent was to harm someone," said White.

White told the media that the relationship between the suspect and the woman who were shot was unknown.

Police were alerted to the scene around 10:40 a.m. on Friday after receiving a 911 call about a shooter carrying a rifle in southwest Denver.

Over the police scanner earlier, officers could be heard talking about the shooter.

"Party's down, party's down," officers said over the scanner.

9News reported that the shooter even called police telling them he wanted to have a shootout.

The area continues to be on lockdown as officers continue to check the area.

This is a developing story...