Denver's 10 Most Expensive ZIP Codes, According To (PHOTOS)

Home prices in metro Denver are approaching their record highs of 2006 and that's good news for home owners, but can make finding a deal a bit trickier for buyers.

If you're in the market for a new home and aren't on too tight of a budget then start looking in the 10 most expensive ZIP codes in metro Denver, according to The median price of homes in these ZIP codes are the highest in metro area, so it may be harder to find that steal, but at least the property values are booming in these areas and that could turn into a rewarding investment.

Neighborhoods like Arvada, Golden, Evergreen, Englewood, Castle Rock and Cherry Creek are on this list and should come as no surprise. But there are some other neighborhoods further outside of the Denver suburbs included for those looking to stretch out as far as they can from the city.

Thanksgiving weekend's Black Friday is known for great deals, even on real estate, so take a look at these ZIP codes and a sample property from each and see if you find your new home.

The 10 Most Expensive ZIP Codes In Metro Denver:



10 Most Expensive ZIP Codes In Metro Denver Area