Denver's Best Beers: 5 Seasonal Brews

The season of picnic beer is over, and full-bodied fall flavors are pouring into Denver. Here are our favorite seasonal brews, created -- and very much enjoyed -- locally.

Big Money Maple Nut Brown at Colorado Beer Co.: The new kid on the block has come out swinging and is making its mark on the fall season with Big Money Maple Nut Brown. Touted as a “breakfast beast,” it boasts mulled spices, candied walnuts and other fall flavors. Expect to find it at Freshcraft, The Matchbox and City-O-City as well as at the Denver Beer Co. on Platte, where you can also catch a brewery tour each afternoon at 4pm. 1695 Platte St.; 303-433-2739

Autumn Ale at Breckenridge Brewery: The evergreens make fall less obvious around Denver, but the one tell-tale sign is that Breck Brewery’s Autumn Ale comes back out to play. Available September through October, you can find this caramel ale in most markets as well as on tap at the downtown Breckenridge Brewery and Pubs. Schedule a brewery tour at the Kalamath location if you’d like a little knowledge with your brew. 471 Kalamath St.; 303-623-2739

Rumble at Great Divide: This award-winning ale seamlessly blends “bitterness, caramel sweetness, vanilla and undertones of pine and citrus.” Your local market will likely supply you with a few bottles. But if you’re left wanting more, take a brewery tour then stop in at the tap room, where you’ll find an open air beer lounge, food trucks and live tunes. Bring in a growler for filling before you leave or buy one there. Rumble is available through October. 2201 Arapahoe St.; 303-296-9460 ext. 26

Oktoberfest at Left Hand: Oktoberfest has officially been bottled, thanks to the brewmasters at Longmont’s Left Hand. The “biscuity, malty goodness” offers a spicy finish that’s rather dry… which might be the only part of Oktoberfest that is. Take a brew tour on the weekend then imbibe at the tap room, which is open daily. To locate distributors, check out their online beerfinder. 1265 Boston Ave., Longmont; 303-772-0258

Harvest Pumkin Ale at Blue Moon: Forget the wagon ride; you can pick the perfect pumpkin by opening a Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin, rivaling Aunt Edna’s pie with its hints of nutmeg, cloves and allspice. Available September through November, it’s not difficult to find around town in the microbrew section of your local grocers, but you’ll have an even better chance of sampling it at The Blue Moon Brewery at The Sandlot. Think you can create a seasonal bev to knock Denver’s socks off? Blue Moon’s taking suggestions. The Sandlot, 2161 Blake St.;303-298-1587

Flickr photo via MacKinnon Photography