Denzel Washington Turns Down 'Fast 7' Role According To New Report

Denzel laugh: Buried in an editorial about franchise fatigue in Hollywood by Deadline.com writer Mike Fleming comes word that Denzel Washington turned down the chance to co-star in "Fast & Furious 7."

Little else is known about the possible role, but Fleming makes it sound like the part would be similar in size to -- SPOILER ALERT -- Jason Statham's "Fast & Furious 6" appearance. (Statham is set up as the villain for "Fast & Furious 7" at the end of the franchise's sixth entry.) According to Fleming, Universal will "undoubtedly get somebody important" for the part, which would likely carry over into the ninth "Fast & Furious" film.

No word yet on what other actors would be "important" enough for the part, but feel free to start speculating with names like Liam Neeson, Ryan Gosling and any other action-friendly male star.

James Wan is set to direct "Fast and Furious 7," taking over from Justin Lin, who helmed the last four films in the series.

"I really do feel the pressure," Wan told HuffPost Entertainment, "but, you know, if you have to go into a particular franchise, there could not be a better one to come into. Do you know what I mean? Coming on something that's actually on the upswing [laughs] as opposed to something on the downswing."

For more from Fleming on franchise fatigue, head to Deadline.com.

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