Deodorize Your Home With Magazine Perfume Strips

It’s under one condition.

Every time you open a fashion magazine, you’re bound to be hit in the face with the floral or musky scent of a perfume sample strip. Sometimes it’s a pleasant surprise, but other times, it’s well, not so nice. But if you do come across a fragrance you like, The Scented Hound suggests keeping those strips as a fun and effective way to deodorize your home.

Simply rip out the insert that smells good and place it in stinky spots around the house. This blogger used it to freshen her car after a nasty spill left an unpleasant odor inside the spot, even after she cleaned it. Using one of these strips would also work wonders in a garbage can, gym bag and bathroom.

So while we don’t encourage hoarding magazines (even though sometimes we’re guilty of it), we do think it’s okay to hold onto a few issues -- if they smell great.

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