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Deposition X, Or Pages From the Notebook of a Plaintiff's Whore

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I had a wonderful day today with attorneys representing Hoffmann-La Roche in litigation related to the psychiatric effects of their acne drug Accutane. Seven hours in fact! (Just in case Roche doesn't believe the billing records they get from their counsel!). These attorneys were kind enough to fly down from Boston to Atlanta (thanks for coming down Colleen!) to tell me in person how excited they were about the research I had done on the relationship between Accutane and depression and how enthusiastic they were about my opinions about how Accutane can cause depression (BTW -- in about 3% of individuals).

Fact is, I have been deposed multiple times by these people over the past five years. The attorneys representing the plaintiffs (i.e. families of individuals who have killed themselves while taking Accutane) present at my depositions have varied over the years, but there is one thing I can always count on. Colleen (representing the defendants, Hoffmann-La Roche) will always be there for me.

Fact is (ditto), I have a blog about drug and health news, and the person who reads my blog most often is (you guessed it)... Colleen's firm! If you don't believe me I will send you my statcounter log.

The fact is (ditto ditto) that I wouldn't have written my book
Before You Take That Pill: Why the Drug Industry May be Bad for Your Health: Risks and Side Effects You Won't Find on the Label of Commonly Prescribed Drugs, Vitamins and Supplements
if it weren't for Colleen. I got so angry about the subterfuges related to prescription drugs as a result of my involvement in the Accutane story that I thought. let's look at all of them!

I am sure that Pharma will paint me as 'anti-Pharma'. But I have yet to find anyone who came up with a valid critique of the data as presented in my book. That's right. Fair and balanced!

Oh... deposition X? I had been deposed so many times by Roche that I knew it was approaching #13, but I didn't want to know when #13 came. So I stopped counting. In my mind as I walked into the latest depo I called it Deposition X.

btw I got to wear my nice pin stripped suit again. Haven't done that since the last depo in 2007. Thanks Colleen and the rest of the team from Peabody and Arnold!

And thanks Colleen for clarifying in the depo that I had been deposed by Roche nine previous times, with four days of hearings. That would make the current depo... number 14!


Can't remember what happened during #13. It is all kind of a blur. Guess I'll have to go back and read the transcript from the court reporter.

Let's all hold hands now and sing "We do not comment on pending litigation" to the tune of "We are climbing Jacob's Ladder."

oh, disclaimer. I don't really see myself as a plaintiff's whore, that is how the other side tries to characterize me.