The Perfect Derby Hat For Every Personality

So the Kentucky Derby is this weekend, and that can only mean one thing for the Style team... Derby Day HATS.

When we started looking at hats, we came across the site Church Derby Hats, which offered so many stunning toppers, it was nearly impossible to decide which one was the prettiest. And we figured that many Derby-goers were probably facing the same problem. So, to make your lives easier, we've selected a few Derby hats based on different personality types, to help you choose the right one. Now you can enjoy your day of horse racing and mint juleps in a hat that suits you perfectly.

If you're the romantic girl... who favors old Hollywood glamour, the sophistication of Audrey Hepburn and killer red lipstick, this is the hat for you.


If you're the flirty girl... who loves getting dressed up, wearing pink and perfectly manicured nails, this is the hat for you.


If you're the stylish girl... who can make any costume, accessory or article of clothing look impossibly cool, this hat is for you.


If you're the outdoorsy girl... who would rather be in hiking boots as opposed to high heels, this is the hat for you.


If you're the party girl... who cares more about having fun than being in the hottest new clothes, this is the hat for you.


If you're the girl who marches to the beat of her own drum... and who doesn't follow trends, but creates them, this is the hat for you.


All hats courtesy of Church Derby Hats.

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