Derek Codd, Accused Absentminded Burglar, Arrested After Mom Calls Phone Cops Found

Relationships between mothers and sons are often up and down. We might be looking at a rocky stretch for Derek Codd and his mom.

That's because the mom of the 19-year-old inadvertently helped police in Palm Beach County, Fla. track down her son who they believe had recently burglarized a Lake Worth home.

Police investigating the break-in last Thursday say the crook left his phone on the kitchen counter of the burglarized home, according to the definitive Dumb As A Blog.

The phone rang and highly trained professional investigators sensed an opportunity to crack the case when caller ID said that it was "Mom" on the line, the South Florida Sentinel reported.

The woman on the other end of the line told investigators that the incriminating phone belonged to her son, the Sentinel said.

Palm Beach County sheriff's deputies tracked down Codd, who allegedly had the victim's cell phone and shotgun hidden at an abandoned home, Yahoo! News reported. Kristen Rynearson, 19, was with Codd and allegedly had 49 pieces of jewelry that belonged to the victim's wife.

Both were arrested and are facing multiple charges including burglary and larceny, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

This isn't the first time a Florida mom has been involved in her son's alleged illegal activities. Last month, Jesse James Dillen, 20, was arrested for alleging robbing a 78-year-old man in a Walmart parking lot.



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