Derek Dierdricken's Tiny Home 'Gypsy Junker' Is For Sale For A Mere $1,200 (PHOTOS)

And it can be all yours -- if the price is right.

We may have just come across the most popular tiny home ever -- and it's for sale.

According to Tiny House Listings, the 32-square-foot "Gypsy Junker" designed by RelaxShack blogger Derek "Deek" Diedricksen, can be all yours for a mere $1,200.

The home has been featured in the New York Times' Home & Garden section and the Boston Globe for its remarkable size and construction. It's primarily made of repurposed goods such as shipping pallets, a washing machine and kitchen cabinets.

The structure weighs about 800 pounds and has a sleep platform that doubles as a desk. Not to mention it has survived two hurricanes in the three years since it was built.

Diedricksen wrote on his blog that this isn't an easy choice, but he has other projects in the works that make selling necessary. "After much debate, and simply for the need of yard space (so I can finish my mini houseboat, a tiny house on wheels, have more room for upcoming workshop activities, and build a prototype transforming A-frame that David Stiles and I are working on) I've decided to list 'The Gypsy Junker' for sale," he said.

He also wrote that all the money will go toward his YouTube show "Tiny Yellow House."

For more information on this tiny home, head over to Tiny House Listings. Be sure to click through our slideshow to see photos, and check out Derek's blog RelaxShack. Oh, and watch the video above to learn more about the house.


Tiny Home For Sale

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