MLB's Tribute To Derek Jeter Is Second To None

As Derek Jeter nears retirement, Major League Baseball took a swing at honoring the Yankees captain with a new tribute video that illustrates that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

The clip shows Jeter, above all, as someone worth emulating. Players from consummate Major Leaguer Mike Trout to Little League phenom Mo'ne Davis imitate Jeter's mannerisms and moves. The farewell ends simply with the words, "Model of greatness. Thanks, Derek."

Even compared to recent tributes by Gatorade and Nike's Jordan brand, AdWeek writes that MLB's "is ... the most poignant and moving Jeter tribute of the season, because it eschews grandeur and hype to focus on the future Hall of Famer's most important legacy: the generations who grew up idolizing No. 2."