Derek Zoolander: "I Hate British Singing Sensation Susan Boyle!"

British singing sensation Susan Boyle, an unemployed cat owner, has become, as a result of a mere five minutes of singing, an inspiration to millions of people all over the globe, a symbol that anyone with true, genuine talent can have their lifelong dream come true if they just keep trying. It seems like everyone has fallen in love with Susan Boyle, that plucky, spunky, I-won't-change-for-anybody girl-next-door with a big heart and an even bigger voice. Everyone except a man who was once America's most famous supermodel. Derek Zoolander.

"I'm really really really pissed off," a source close to Zoolander reports he said, "Why does someone who looks like her get to have all that talent? It's just not fair. And I think I speak for really really really good-looking people everywhere when I say, How come I don't have any talent, how come I can't sing or dance or tell jokes that are humorously funny? But still, I can make many excellent and exciting and sexy faces. Can Susan Boyle make any sexy faces? I don't think so. Is she really really really good looking? No. Am I? Yes. So why is she so much more famous than I am? I'm telling you, it's totally horribly totally not fair."

According to a confidant, the ex-famous supermodel has watched Susan Boyle's triumphant rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" from the musical Les Miserables over 10,000 times. "He just watches it over and over and over, and looks at himself in the mirror and makes sexy faces and saying stuff like, 'Her features aren't symmetrical. She has a bad haircut. And she hasn't had any cosmetic surgery. My features are awesomely symmetrical. My haircut is super amazing. I had really really really really really great cosmetic surgery. Please, God, why are you forsooking me?' It's quite pitiful, if you want to know the truth. We're thinking of having an intervention, but we're having trouble finding a caterer in our price range."

Susan Boyle's 15 minutes of fame shows no signs of ending. And while everyone from Demi Moore to Ashton Kutcher to Oprah Winfrey are embracing her, a member of Derek Zoolander's inner circle claims the former supermodel is bitter and angry. "Is that really the kind of world we want," Zoolander is reported to have said, "where people who are not good-looking get to be famous? This is a way important issue that's more way important than all these bad economy things, or whatever. We have to put our feet down. I don't want the children of tomorrow thinking that it's more important to have talent than it is to be really really really good looking. Anyone who wants to help can send money to the Really Good-looking People of America Fund."