West Virginia Lawmaker Who Stormed U.S. Capitol Resigns From State Legislature

Derrick Evans, who faces charges for his involvement in Wednesday's insurrectionist attack, has resigned from the West Virginia House of Delegates.

Derrick Evans, a right-wing West Virginia lawmaker who livestreamed himself storming the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, has announced his resignation from the West Virginia House of Delegates, WSAZ-TV and West Virginia MetroNews reported. Evans had earlier rebuffed calls for his resignation, insisting he had done “nothing wrong.”

But on Saturday, Evans said he would resign and that he took “full responsibility for my actions.”

“The past few days have certainly been a difficult time for my family, colleagues and myself, so I feel it’s best at this point to resign my seat in the House and focus on my personal situation and those I love,” Evans said in a statement.

“I ... deeply regret any hurt, pain or embarrassment I may have caused my family, friends, constituents and fellow West Virginians,” he added.

In a since-deleted video posted by Evans to social media, the lawmaker could be heard encouraging a throng of Donald Trump supporters to push into the Capitol, which had been placed under lockdown. Once inside, he yelled: “We’re in! We’re in! We’re in! We’re in! Derrick Evans is in the Capitol!”

Evans was among the hundreds of Trump supporters who laid siege to the building, forcing lawmakers ― who had gathered to formally certify President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral victory ― to seek shelter and evacuate. At least five people, including one Capitol Police officer, died as a result of the violence.

Federal officials have said Evans will face criminal charges for his involvement in the insurrectionist attack.

Evans’ lawyer said Thursday that the lawmaker had merely been “exercising his First Amendment rights to peacefully protest and film a historic and dynamic event.”

Evans, the attorney said in a statement, “engaged in no violence, no rioting, no destruction of property and no illegal behavior.”

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