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Derrick Hunter, Maryland Gun Enthusiast, Files Lawsuit Over Ladies' Promotion At Local Shooting Range (VIDEO)

WATCH: Fired Up Over Ladies' Night

Derrick Hunter is fired up about ladies, just not for the reasons you'd expect.

The Maryland gun enthusiast is upset that his local firing range hosts females every Monday for "Ladies' Day" and, as part of the promotion, doesn't require them to pay. (h/t Consumerist)

So upset is Mr. Hunter, in fact, that he hasn't bothered firing warning shots, either -- according to WJLA, he's filed a lawsuit for $200,000, claiming the promotion is discriminatory.

"Just because I'm a man doesn't mean that I should have to pay more," explained Hunter, a special police officer, to the station.

For their part, management at Maryland Small Arms Range, Inc. view ladies' day as purely promotional in nature. The range's event calendar shows three days a week featuring similar promotions, including a "couples day" and a "parent/child" day.

According to the Washington Post, Hunter's lawyer, Jimmy A. Bell, appears to have a history with this type of suit. In 2010, Bell pursued $200,000 (again for alleged gender discrimination) from a salon after they charged him $2.00 more for a manicure than they charged a female friend. He eventually settled with the salon for an undisclosed amount.

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