Derrick Rose's Kid Is Seriously The Coolest Kid In The World

Derrick Rose is one of the most famous athletes in the world, a multimillionaire who just a few short days ago made one of one of the best shots of the postseason -- a game-winning three-pointer off the backboard against LeBron James' Cavaliers.

Yet somehow, he’s not even the coolest member of the Rose family. That would be his son, P.J., otherwise known as the coolest kid in the world.

Just take a look at this shot of him mugging for the camera during Sunday's post-game press conference:

Sorry, did you not see that face? A face that says, “Hello, world, enjoy your fun in the sun while you can, because one day I’m going to run this planet.”

Here’s the thing about genius children like P.J. They know to revert to “cute kid” when they suddenly realize the world's onto them. Case in point:

Also, look at his style. You don’t have it. You don’t have his style. You don't have his vibe. You don’t have anything compared to P.J. Rose. P.J. Rose is coming for you, world, and if you think he isn’t, well, that’s just better for him.

Just look at this hand rub. It's the hand rub of our future overlord:

Bow down.