Desi Lydic Bursts Fox News’ Balloon Freakout With A Brutal Parody

The "Daily Show" correspondent pretended to have binge-watched the conservative network for hundreds of hours and, well, there were consequences.

For her latest “Foxsplains” segment on “The Daily Show,” correspondent Desi Lydic went to town on Fox News’ coverage of the suspected Chinese spy balloon that was shot down off the South Carolina coast over the weekend.

In the recurring bit, Lydic offers a questionable take on the topic at hand, having pretended to have binged-watched the conservative network for hundreds of hours straight.

This time around, Lydic regurgitated Fox talking points with lines like: “What if this balloon came from Wuhan? What if it was full of COVID, or worse, critical race theory?”

And: “Hold on a second, Biden shot the balloon down over the ocean — where Osama bin Laden lives?”

Watch the video here:

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