Desi Lydic Riffs On A Real Midterm Election Problem We Didn't See Coming

The "Daily Show" correspondent discovered a surprising issue that may affect November's vote.

The Daily Show” correspondent Desi Lydic let it rip after discovering that a paper shortage could affect the November midterm elections. (Watch the video below.)

In a segment shared Thursday, Lydic interviewed the nonpartisan Democracy Fund’s Tammy Patrick, who dropped a bombshell: One of the most pressing issues that needs to be resolved before voters head to the polls is a lack of paper.

The majority of Americans still vote using paper ballots, which may not arrive in time, along with envelopes and the ubiquitous “I voted” stickers, Patrick told the comedian. The problem will especially affect “small election offices serving rural communities,” she added.

“Can’t America just sneak some printer paper home from work like the rest of us?” Lydic asked.

The intrepid comic reporter set off to a company called Runbeck that prints ballots. She learned that supply-chain issues and paper mill shutdowns during the pandemic hindered the industry.

But Lydic got a little distracted when company president Jeff Ellington confirmed that if there’s no paper available, “I voted” stickers could be gone. She wasn’t having it, telling Ellington the stickers are “the best part of voting.”

When the executive suggested digital voting stickers, Lydic snapped: “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, Jeff.”

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