The Best Gift You Can Give A Woman This Holiday Season? Her Reproductive Rights

She'll say "I-U-DO!"

When Donald Trump was running for president, he adopted an anti-choice platform and also pledged to defund the nonprofit reproductive health services group /www.huffingtonpost.com/news/planned-parenthood/"}}">Planned Parenthood.

Now, women are doing whatever it takes to ensure their reproductive rights while Trump is in office.

Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley, Planned Parenthood’s chief medical officer, told Daily Show correspondent Desi Lydic last week that there was a 900 percent increase in appointments for Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) in the days after Trump was elected.

Unlike other forms of birth control, the IUD is inserted into the uterus and prevents pregnancies for between seven and 12 years. 

“If you do the math, that’s two Trump terms,” is how one woman explained it to Lydic.

Since the IUD is T-shaped, Lydic believes the way to ensure women have access to birth control is by appealing to the Donald’s “yuge” ego.

“How about this?” Lydic asked McDonald-Mosley. “A T-shaped branded Trump 24-karat gold IUD? That way, he’s always grabbing pussies ― all across America.”

The good doctor’s expression was priceless.

Dr Raegan McDonald-Mosley, the Chief Medical Officer of Planned Parenthood
Dr Raegan McDonald-Mosley, the Chief Medical Officer of Planned Parenthood

Trump-themed birth control may be a pipe dream, but, as Lydic demonstrates in the clip above, reproductive rights may the best gift you can give the woman in your life this holiday season.



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