Design a Conscious Home: The Foundation for Living Your Best Life

Our environments, our spaces, our homes affect every aspect of our lives. They can add stress to our way of life -- or, when designed consciously, they can improve our well-being and deepen our connection to the world around us.
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Now more than ever, people are engaging in conversations regarding the connectedness of body, mind, and soul. We seek ways to bring mindfulness into our daily routine by discussing topics such as work-life balance, reducing stress, getting proper sleep, exercise/yoga, nutrition, prayer/mediation, etc. We are striving to live more conscious lives.

I remember my first session with a wise woman about 10 years ago. The first thing she asked was, "Do you want to be conscious?" I looked at her blankly and asked what she meant. Once she explained, I knew why the universe had led me to her: I was ready to be more self-aware. I wanted to improve who I was and how I related with the world. And thus, I began my journey to living a more conscious life.

Here's a question: Is your home enhancing your decision to live consciously? Or is it blocking you?

Our environments, our spaces, our homes affect every aspect of our lives. They can add stress to our way of life -- or, when designed consciously, they can improve our well-being and deepen our connection to the world around us. Put simply, when we live better we feel better, and when we feel better we do better in the world.

In order to live more consciously, we must create a Conscious Home. A home that is in alignment to our character and acts as a reflection of who we are and the way we live. Our home should be a place where we can nourish our spirits, inspire our minds, and connect to our higher selves and the Divine.

How can you create a conscious home?

Know Yourself

You must first know who you are and how you want to live before you can create a space that supports you. If you're struggling with these questions, try making a list of words or phrases that describe your bliss. Write freely and include anything that brings you joy. If you need inspiration, explore Pintrest and create boards with rooms and furnishings that you love. Look for common threads between the spaces you enjoy and weave those elements into the design of your own home.

Make It Beautiful

Decoration not only adds beauty to your living space, it improves your quality of life. By surrounding yourself with elements you find alluring, your living space will lift your spirits and brighten your day. Strive to discover your own definition of beauty and bring that charming energy into your home.

How Does it Feel?

I often say that a space is not just something that you see -- it's something that you experience. It should engage the senses and nourish the soul. Think about each of the five senses and how you can incorporate each one into your design. Also, consider how you want your space to feel: Relaxing or inspiring? Cozy or invigorating? If "cozy" is your goal, find subtle ways to make the room more comfortable, such as adding throw pillows and soft blankets.

Eliminate Stressors

We all know that stress is not only harmful to the mind, but also to the body. By minimizing stress levels in your home, you can improve your overall wellness. So, commit to tackling some of those projects you've been putting off. These tasks are often simple, but they lack urgency -- like that pile of papers you pass everyday and sigh with dread because you know it needs to be organized. By taking action on these pesky tasks, you'll eliminate that lingering stressful energy and create more space for harmony in your life.

Personalize It

As you continue to discover themes that reflect your character and interests, personalizing your living space becomes easy. Buy art that moves you, that stirs you when you see it. Collect things from your travels and incorporate them into your design. Choose items that tell stories about who you are and what you cherish. For instance, I have a client who loves airplanes, so we hung a beautiful photograph of a propeller in his bedroom. Now, every morning when he wakes up, he's greeted by an inspiring visualization that motivates him to rise to new heights.


For those with a spiritual side, you can go one step further by creating a space that enhances your daily practices of meditation, prayer, and other rituals. By incorporating spiritual components, your home becomes a sanctuary and allows you to connect with the Divine. Integrating these sacred elements will naturally elevate your spirits and raise your vibrational energy. This deepens your connection and enhances your spiritual growth -- allowing the path to the heart to become clearer and supporting you in becoming the person you are meant to be.

Here's what will happen when you create a Conscious Home: Each day when you walk in your door, a smile will appear on your face and you will be filled with joy. You'll be swept away with a feeling of love and connection -- allowing you to relax, and feel safe and comfortable. You will be inspired. More than just shelter, this place is an extension of you and a reflection of who and what you love. When your home is a source of joy, connection, restoration, and inspiration, you will see those things expand into the rest of your life.

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