Design Inspiration: 10 Must-See Color Blogs That'll Give You New Favorite Hues

When we're not scouring Pinterest for fun crafts and design ideas, we're browsing blogs for creative decorating tips we can use at home -- especially when it comes to color. From bright Pantone swatches to colorful idea boards, blogs can be a great way to experience unique color combinations you might not have thought to try otherwise. But don't just take our word for it. See for yourself! To get you started, we've rounded up 10 color blogs that currently have us inspired. Have one to add to our list? Be sure to share in our comments below.

Photo by Chloe Douglas of Plenty Of Colour

Design Seeds
If you're falling short on color ideas, this is the place to go. Blogger Jessica Colaluca of Design Seeds has a color palette for just about every occasion, creating bright swatches centered around photos of everything from garden flowers to vintage teacups and beach umbrellas. Click on a color sample to find related shades, color schemes and color value you can use to recreate the look at home.

Sensational Color...Live In Full Color
When she isn't offering up pro tips or lessons in color theory, Sensational Color expert Kate Smith uses her blog to share what's currently inspiring her, pulling from swatches she sees in movies, travel photos and quirky online finds to discuss emerging color and design trends. It's like getting an expert consultation right at your desktop.

In Color Order
Be sure to check out the "Art Of Choosing" page of In Color Order where blogger and sewer-extraordinaire Jenni shares great tips on how to select colors, mix and match patterns and build a color scheme around a single print or color source.

Plenty Of Colour
Color lovers will flock to this comprehensive blog, which lets you search by shade for unique ideas and color combinations. Blogger Chloe Douglas expertly culls together pictures of everyday items in vibrant hues to create uniquely themed color schemes. She also updates weekly with fun features like Palette of The Week and Colour in Action, where she shows bright hues at work in fashion, architecture and interior design.

One of the most visually stunning blogs we've come across, Pantonism lets you browse beautiful photos centered around a particular shade or color scheme, ranging from orange to burgundy to leopard print. With its simple layout and design (and little to no text), this blog lets bold hues speak for themselves.

Kristina Klarin
Take a peek inside the colorful life of designer Kristina Klarin, who shares bright snapshots of her projects and adventures from around the world. Click on her Colour Files link to find Pantone swatches she's created that are inspired by things like a Belgrade sunset and the Danube river.

The Perfect Palette
Need help choosing wedding colors? Blogger Chrissy Ott of The Perfect Palette has something for every bride, culling together idea boards based on different themes and color schemes, like "rustic romance" and "mint to be." Even if you don't have pending plans to walk down the aisle, this blog is a great resource for finding unique color combos to help you decorate for any event.

For The Love Of Color
Simple and to the point, For The Love Of Color shares interesting and well-crafted palettes and color schemes extracted from breathtaking imagery of architecture, nature, food and design. From vibrant yellows based on summertime fruit to softer browns inspired by a pile of leaves, there's truly something for everyone.

Color Collective
The Color Collective calls itself a designer's resource for color, and with reason. Everything is fair game for blogger Lauren Whillhite, who creates beautifully curated color schemes pulled together from fashion, art and photography. It's a great place to see how other designers are employing color - and how you can use it yourself.

Color Me Katie
This color-saturated blog takes a street style approach to color. You won't find any Pantone palettes here -- just a bright glimpse into what New York City street artist Katie Sokoler is working on, what she sees on the street and what has her currently inspired.

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