Design Inspiration: 25 Green Paint Ideas For Your Home

Spring is (thankfully!) almost here, and with that comes a new palette of fresh and bright colors to decorate with. But if you're looking for something a little less pronounced than, say, orange but just as vibrant, consider using the color green and all its hues.

Green is making a huge appearance this season, and it's not just because of St. Patrick's Day. Don't believe us? House Beautiful's March 2012 issue pays tribute to all things green and has declared it the color of the season. And for good reason -- the fresh color is extremely versatile, complementing any decorating style.

So, what are the best shades of green for those who are experimenting with color? "Tranquil, soothing and serene are words often used to describe the shades of green that will work most easily into just about any home's decor," said Kate Smith, color expert and chief color maven at Sensational Color. To get this subtle hint, "look for hues that are muted with just the right mix of green and gray. The green may almost disappear on a small swatch and look like a neutral but the true hue will be revealed when painted on an entire wall," she said.

With bolder greens, Kate advised to be more careful. Bright hues tend to have more yellow pigment, which often can contribute to an unwanted "dingy" look. But when mixed in the right proportions, a vibrant green can make a statement in any room. Additionally, you don't have to commit to a full room of green -- a pop of color can be more than enough. "Adding a murky or acid green to a scheme of otherwise pretty color adds an edge that keeps the combination interesting," Kate suggested. "Or use yellow-green and blue-green together with just about any other color for a scheme that is as fresh as the spring air."

Now that we've discussed all the benefits of painting with green, we culled several ways to incorporate green into your home. So get inspired, and flip through the slideshow below for 25 paint ideas for any room in your home.