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Design Inspiration: 17 Paint Color Ideas For Your Front Door (Photos)

One of the best ways to boost your home's curb appeal is to paint the front door. But before you tackle this weekend do-it-yourself project, consider our tips for picking out the right color.

Colors can say so much about a personality. If you're outgoing, you might sway toward bolder brighter colors. If you're more reserved, you might go for a neutral tone. And then there's some irony: a bold hue like red for a front door is so common now, it might as well be considered a 'neutral.' (Also, consider those pesky neighborhood association rules.)

Also, decide whether you want a more high-sheen finish versus something matte. A shiny door is a statement, but it might surprise you that the high-sheen finish actually makes the door easier to clean. Matte is obviously more understated, but it tends to 'grab' onto dirt. Check out our guide to the specifics of choosing paint for more information.

Another option: Porch floor enamel, which dries to such a hard finish that you'll never really have to worry about fading (or repainting) ever again.

Still have no idea what color you're leaning toward? Click through the slideshow below to get inspired by 17 doors painted with shades across the color spectrum.

Colorful Front Doors