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Design Sponge At Home: DIY Window Films

If you're like me, you want to have privacy in your home, but without sacrificing bright, natural light. Design*Sponge editor Kate Pruitt solved this problem by using inexpensive window film to create decorative decals for her French doors. Because the window film peels off easily, you can swap out the designs when you're ready for a new look or want to rearrange the design.

DESIGNER: Kate Pruitt

COST: $25

TIME: 3-4 hours



Ruler Window film, clear (found at hardware or home organization stores) Scissors or X-Acto knife Tape Paint pen


1. Measure the windowpanes and transfer the dimensions to the back of the window film. Cut out the rectangles. I recommend using a ruler and an X-Acto knife, but if you draw a clean line and can cut neatly with scissors, that will work just as well.

2. Tape down the edges of your window film cutout with the paper side down. This ensures you will be painting on the nonsticky side of the window film. Using the paint pen, draw out your design on the window film. Let the paint dry at least ten minutes.

3. Carefully peel the paper backing away from the film and place it on the windowpane. Slowly pull the paper down and smooth down the window film with a piece of paper or a book with rounded spine.

Photos: Derek Fagerstrom and Lauren Smith

Excerpt from "Design*Sponge At Home" by Grace Bonney, published by Artisan Books