Designer Co-Founder Series:

Internet Week 2012 is upon us. To celebrate, and in the spirit of all things red-hot, we're covering startups that all have one thing in common: the designer co-founder.

Let's think about it this way: A social network for gay men racks up 150,000 users in no time. One day the founders scrap it and put down an all-the-marbles bet on what they know: design. A design shopping site emerges, investors line up, and soon Demi Moore is tweeting about sales and signups go moonward. It all happened.

Fab now has 160 design-obsessed staffers. We stammer when we say it too -- one-sixty. They had 10 when Fab launched 11 months ago.

They just moved into a 25,000 square foot (!) space in the West Village where the influence of designer co-founder Bradford Shellhammer really takes root. The views are magnificent -- you get both Lady Liberty and the Empire State -- and the rest is sleek. There's a roof deck, a full fridge, a tap, and Starbucks and Peets machines (nice West Coast nod). And everything in the office has a story -- from the chairs to the tabletop trinkets.

There are 12 -- count 'em 12 -- open positions at Fab. Hint: All are non-programming jobs.

Now go forth (and find your own all-the-marbles bet).

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