Wild, Expensive And Wildly Expensive Designer Coronavirus Face Coverings

Louis Vuitton protective visors, Burberry face masks and more.

We’re not exactly thrilled that face masks had to become a wardrobe staple this year. But as science proves their effectiveness against spreading the coronavirus, we’ve all had a chance to figure out what type we like best. Some people, for example, prefer elastic straps to ties.

Others are willing to drop hundreds of dollars in the name of staying stylishly safe.

Burberry and Off-White have capitalized on the demand, and Louis Vuitton recently announced it will release protective face visors embellished with the brand’s iconic monogram. The visors are not explicitly marketed as COVID-19 protection ― Louis Vuitton says they’re intended to shield wearers from the sun ― but it’s a fairly safe guess that people will use them for virus protection. The price has not been officially announced, but it’s reported to be $961.

It was only a matter of time before face coverings hit the luxury market, but when guidance suggests washing a mask between each use, retail for designer versions is a pretty high price to pay.

Still, we can’t lie ― there are some very cool options. Below, eight designer face masks that are wild, expensive or wildly expensive.

Louis Vuitton Protective Visor
Louis Vuitton
The Louis Vuitton protective visor will be available for purchase in select stores starting in early November.
Burberry Face Mask
Sign up to find out when the Burberry face mask, which retails for around $120, will be available.
Roopa Pemmaraju Orange Floral Embroidered Mask, $120
Forever Bliss Design Authentic Emilio Pucci Pattern Face Mask
An_Erin Bow Mask, $86

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