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Designing for Young Hollywood

I was able to catch up with the alluring 27-year-old fashionista to see what it's like to be such a young designer and to work with a variety of Hollywood "It" girls.
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Photo Credit: DONNA MIZANI

As a child, she admired her mother's fashion taste so much that she would sneak into her closet and put on her dresses and heels. It was clear from a young age that Donna Mizani had a passion for clothing design. That passion would take her to the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and then at 22 years of age, Mizani exploded onto the fashion scene with her label and hasn't looked back.

Most known for her signature "cut-out" dress designs, her craftsmanship has been seen on Hollywood starlets such as Joanna Krupa, Kristin Cavallari, Megan Fox and Carmen Electra. Achieving what Mizani has at such a young age is nothing short of impressive. I was able to catch up with the alluring 27-year-old fashionista to see what it's like to be such a young designer and to work with a variety of Hollywood "It" girls.

You have emerged on the scene very young, and have quickly earned the respect of high profile Hollywood starlets. What's your secret?

Thank You! I am so passionate about my job and not afraid to work hard. Anyone who puts passion and hard work into something can create success for themselves too!


What have you found to be some of the biggest hurdles you've had to overcome in the fashion world?

There are many hurdles in the fashion world. The hurdles will continue to challenge me for as long as I choose to stay in this world because of how competitive the industry is. My solution for most hurdles I face is to stay true to myself, stay strong and confident, because that's how I got started in this industry.

Who is your favorite muse and why?

My muse has always been Kate Moss. She has, for so many years, been able to wear anything. She has shown us all how to dress for every style that a woman can be (sexy, rock, mommy, chic, provocative, boho, etc. etc.) Her trend setting ways for all these years have been very inspiring for me.

Who is your favorite designer for inspiration, and why?

I find inspiration from all over. For me inspiration does not always come from fashion, it mostly comes from many different life experiences. Travel, painting, books, history, family and friends. These things influence me the most, which help ignite my creative juices.

Tell us about your new fall collection... What are some styles we can expect?

I am so excited for the launch of my Fall 2014 collection! It's got a fresh new vibe but, of course, the line continues to stay true to what it is know for. I did a sexy twist on basic silhouettes this season offering t-shirts and pencil skirts in sexy fabrics. It has translated very well and I'm extremely happy with the outcome!

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