Designing Life and Giving Back at the Corner Cabaret

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Designing the life you love may be as simple as finding your passions. Designing a healthy and happy life takes some effort, but small steps can have a huge impact.

In an unassuming quintessential corner cabaret theater in New York City, a talented group of 20-somethings didn't have difficulty showing us what they breathe. Their passion for the arts poured out like the fountain in Lincoln Center.

During the most wonderful time of the year, "Twas the Night" was rewritten with joyful comedic twist. Standard favorite Christmas tunes were revamped into a magical, spirited and fun arrangement, and belted away with much swagger.

While there was no room for a standing room only audience, it was filled to the brim and the tiny corner theater echoed with joyous music and words. I have no doubt this group of Millennials could have taken center stage anywhere. From Broadway to Radio City Music Hall or Lincoln Center, this talented group of 20-somethings lit up the stage in the cabaret on the corner.

What's more inspiring from this group of Millennials (for most, who have been friends since middle school) is that they shared their passions to give back. Giving back is part of designing a happy and healthy life. The proceeds from their performance went towards the Covenant House, who provide food, shelter and care for homeless runaway youth.

The Covenant House was founded in 1972 with the simple, profound mission to help homeless kids escape the streets. Today they are the largest privately funded charity in America providing loving care and vital services to homeless, abandoned, abused, trafficked, and exploited youth.

The lively and generous "Twas the Night" ensemble includes:

  • Jennifer Ficarra, Writer, Producer
  • Colleen Martorano, Co-Producer and Performer
  • Johnathan Brenner, Musical Director and Pianist
  • Taryn Tonelli, Performer
  • Brian Walters, Performer
  • Allison Marra, Performer
  • Mia Sommese, Performer
  • Carson Higgins, Performer
  • Nathan Chang, Performer
  • David Cronin, Performer
  • AJ Herrmann, Guitarist

Joe Martorano, Saxophone (guest)

These talented artists are designing their life filled with passion and purpose, a recipe for success. It was truly spectacular watching their love for performing shine through.

Design your life you love by finding your passions, and keep breathing life into them at any chance you get. Design your moments and design your life that you love. You can design your own happy and healthy lifestyle blueprint based on discovering what brings you joy. For these amazing young women and men, they find joy in the arts and are happy to give back.

If you're looking for entertainment, find talent in your own backyard. Whether you live in a large city or a smaller one, in the suburbs or a rural area, find entertainment that will bring you joy. It's the small corners of the world where you can find amazing treasures.

Design your experiences, design your passions, and design your life you love. Design your healthy and happy life. Take small steps every day to design your life.

The corner cabaret is The Duplex Theater in New York City, the longest running cabaret and piano bar.

So start designing your healthy life and live blissfully with these quick makeovers because it's the small steps that have the biggest impact!
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