How to Make Mindfulness 'More Modern'

How to Make Mindfulness 'More Modern'
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Sean Hoess is creating "a new visual vernacular" for yoga in the Western world. Co-founder of the Wanderlust Festival, he argues that their mix of modern design and age-old teachings are helping bring mindfulness into the millennial zeitgeist.

Indeed Wanderlust is a main player in a wider awareness of Eastern teachings spreading across the millennial generation and beyond. In this video interview Hoess answers the question, "What attracts people to the practice?" and how can Wanderlust and other wellness brands make it more attractive and accessible?

Wanderlust, he says, can serve as a "gateway" into a deeper practice. But does Hoess himself practice? He shares his own city dweller variation on meditation, too.

What do you think? What was your gateway into a deeper mindfulness practice? How does the design of these events/brands influence your participation?

photo credit Ali Kaukas

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