Clothing Company Desigual Wins Award For Creepiest Mother's Day Ad Of All Time

This Mother's Day, families all over the world will take the time to celebrate moms. For some people, however, it's an opportunity to tackle what really matters: tricking men into getting them pregnant.

Wait, what?

You read right. Clothing company Desigual debuted a shocking commercial in honor of the holiday, featuring a woman who really wants to be a mom. So much so, that she's willing to poke holes in her stash of condoms to do it.

The ad, which was made as a form of protest to the restrictive abortion laws in Spain, is meant to be a joke. However, the response by customers, who have taken to their social media accounts to speak out against it, has been so overwhelmingly negative that the company has since removed that part of the ad, and the regional government is considering banning it completely.

Check out the unedited version above.