Why Desk Lunches Makes You Less Productive (VIDEO)

If you eat most of your lunches at your desk, you're not alone. It's common practice in offices across the country, but studies show that it actually makes employees more stressed and less creative. Is it time to break the habit?

HuffPost Live's Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani hosted a panel to discuss why most people stay glued to their desks at lunch and how this seemingly trivial decision could affect the rest of the workday.

"I think it's this culture of presence equals productivity, and that the longer you sit at your desk the better employee you are, and I actually think it's the opposite. Sitting too long actually decreases productivity and decreases creativity," said Lili Balfour, CEO and founder of Atelier Advisors.

David Drake, an entrepreneurial consultant and engineer, constantly ate lunch at his desk until he decided to start a self-imposed challenge to leave the office during his lunch break every day, rain or shine.

"It's a lot more about work-life balance than it is necessarily about productivity and getting stuff done. Just stepping away for 30 minutes really really makes a big difference in your happiness at work," he said.

Watch the full segment below to learn more about how lunch breaks can increase productivity.



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