21 Desk Organization Ideas That'll Actually Make You Want To Work

Working from an office can be like living in a fluorescent box of despair. And working from home can be good and bad: lounging in PJs is a major plus, but the comfort of a bed makes it really hard to get any work done. So whether you're at an office or working from home, it's important to create the perfect personal work space that's not only good for productivity, but an upgrade in decor.

Desks can be made from a number of surfaces: wooden tables, bookshelves, treadmills and more -- you name it, it's probably been converted into a desk. But sometimes the hardest part about building an awesome work environment is decorating and organizing your supplies. So if you're looking to amp up your desk game, take a look at the inspiration below.

Oh, and after you're done reading this, it's time to get working!

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