Former NBA Player Believes Unions Will Be Good For College Sports (VIDEO)

Former Oklahoma State star Desmond Mason believes the Northwestern football players' bid for unionization is evidence that college athletes are recognizing that each of them can be "an individual business." A first-round pick in the 2000 NBA Draft who retired after the 2009 season, Mason believes such an awareness by athletes will help college sports.

"College sports is in the business of basketball, football, baseball and so on and so forth. So the players have to start thinking accordingly," Mason said on HuffPost Live on Friday. "Not to say it's not going to be confusing and tough at times because that's a whole different world to step into from a union standpoint. But I think it's something that's going to be good for college sports down the road. And it's also going to get guys, players and female players to start thinking about the business side of it all which is going to help them down the road."

Watch the full segment below.