'Desperate Housewives' Finale: The Women Go Their Separate Ways As Spirits Look On (VIDEO)

'Desperate Housewives': Saying Goodbye To Wisteria Lane

Even though "Desperate Housewives" (Sun., 9 p.m. ET on ABC) signed off with a two-hour series finale, it had the feel of two distinct episodes. The first hour wrapped Bree's trial, setting the stage for the long farewell to Wisteria Lane and the women that touched each other's lives over the past eight seasons.

Karen McCluskey accepted hospice care, as she prepared to live out her final moments at home. But she made sure she went out with an impact on the friends who'd embraced her after hearing Gaby and Carlos talking about what really happened. So she took to the stand and confessed to the murder herself.

It was chaos, but it worked. Bree was let off, and because of her age and health, no charges were pressed against Karen. That left the women without that specter looming over them as they prepared to say goodbye to Susan, and what turned out to be this chapter in their lives for all four women.

Within a few years, none of them would be living on Wisteria Lane. Lynette followed her dreams to New York and took a huge job offer from Katherine. Susan was off to help raise her granddaughter. Bree married her lawyer and wound up in the Kentucky state legislature. Gaby found success with her own show on the Home Shopping Network.

But before it all wound down, Susan took a final circle of the block, where she was watched by the ghosts of former residents -- save for Nicolette Sheridan's Edie -- as Mary Alice set up the next generation of secrets and intrigue with the woman who bought Susan's house.

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