Desperately Seeking Oprah

We need you Oprah. Women are being grabbed by their pussies and you've chosen to stay quiet and sit by the side. Too much is at stake here for you to be so silent. Womankind is being attacked; the very women you taught us to become through your TV show, through your choice of what we should read, and by your soulful messages on OWN. How can you not speak when are bodies are at risk? Supreme Court justices will be picked in the coming years. Do you really think its okay that we go back in time to barbaric states of individual rights? Mrs. Obama is out there cheering for us, but we need you. We desperately need you to come forward.

It's obvious that you're mad, but do you think the choice of the biggest evil should abate the lesser evil? Sure, you're stinging from something. But this is not the Oprah I know; the Oprah I have shared my adult life with--oh no--this is not the Oprah any of us understand as we lie in the trenches of a far reaching evil.

Where are your impassioned speeches for our future? Have you really just settled up and thrown the microphone down in disdain? Are you sitting on a sofa, with a warm blanket ignoring our cries for help? Oprah, you just can't forsake us and leave us to scramble like this to the end. Your sisters are being crucified out there, objectified, each and every new day.

You taught us the original when they go low, we go high rule but now it's just a distant thundering cry. Come back and take your place as an American to help us help ourselves. Can you really live in a world full of a new racism, a new sexism, a new homophobism, a new everything-ism? If you can, then I guess you have your individual right to sit on the sidelines, as we rage a war so utterly desperate at this stage.

This is not the Oprah I know. Oh no. The Oprah I know is full of wisdom and speaks the calming words of Maya Angelou to help guide us when she is no longer here. The Oprah I know would rise up and offer us a rope when we feel like we are drowning in such sorrow. Where is that Oprah?

We only have a short time left now. A short time. Still your voice speaks volumes and should be our guiding light through the haze of these utterly dark days. Rise up Oprah. Come meet us as we are now on our last straw, for we are getting weak and we are crying out of shock. Yes, we're trying to remain high, but each day causes us more trembling, and it just seems that this fight needs your semblance of voice to help calm us. Whatever it is Oprah, put it behind you. Help us, help ourselves.

You raised us to be the women we are. Help us remain the women you taught us to become with the rights to speak our minds, love our bodies, not be objectified, and finally to live our days full of thoughts of a hopeful tomorrow. For this has been an utter nightmare without you.