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7 Desserts For Men Who Think They're Too Tough For Sweets

Finally, men can eat sweets without being judged.

It's tough to be a dude with a sweet tooth. As stereotypes have it, dudes should only like "dude foods." Bacon, ribs, wings or any old slab of meat fit the bill.

So when you want to be able to dig into something sugary and nice to satisfy your craving, you also want to maintain your masculinity, stereotypically-speaking. Cute miniature cupcakes, pastel colored macarons and delicate cakes just don't cut it.

This inequality is a true shame -- men deserve to have their cake and eat it, too. To remedy this, we've whipped up some treats that any macho man would feel comfortable munching (they are all society-approved). Sit back, relax, put your feet up, switch on the game and wash it all down with a brew or two. You are a man.

(Disclaimer: This article is written in jest. We at HuffPost Taste believe that every person should eat whatever they want, whenever they want. And we hope that everyone who wants it gets to enjoy a bit of dessert.)

Fudgey brawnies taste great and will add a little bulk to your bis and tris. Hell yeah.
This creamy, Italian pudding has an added smoky flavor that every gentleman will love -- thanks to the addition of the pipe.
Next time you're at the ice cream parlor, order this cone. The people will cheer.
These sugary balls may be tiny, but they're bursting with flavor only a fellow could handle.
Come at me, bro.
Mannolis will make you the master of Diddy Kong Racing.
This cake tastes incredible and will make you smell like a man.

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