Destin-Nation Taiwan: From Bubble Tea to Snake Venom

There are many reasons to visit Taiwan, not the least of which is its delectable and eccentric eats. The country offers a wide range of cuisines defined by the legacies of occupying forces and the ingenuity of local chefs.

There are a tremendous number of options here for travelers looking to eat out: Upscale sit-down restaurants, endless street food stands and small, vibrant cafes vie for travelers' attention. Taipei's numerous night markets keep the party going almost 24/7, and offer some foodstuffs visitors are unlikely to find being offered elsewhere in such a sanitary way. Think reptilian.

With flights from San Francisco and Los Angeles retailing for between $800 and $1200, Taiwan serves as a hub for Americans heading into Southeast Asia. But too many travelers fail to give the country its due as a destination in its own right. Those flying through Taipei International Airport should consider prolonging their stopover on Eva Air, Malaysian Airlines or China Airlines to take in the sites and a meal, or just a few meals.

Photo: Digital Nostalgia/Flickr

Taiwan Food