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In an effort to search for love, I listen to all sorts of stories. Good ones, bad ones, hilarious ones, scary ones... there's no shortage of stories out there.
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In an effort to search for love, I listen to all sorts of stories. Good ones, bad ones, hilarious ones, scary ones...there's no shortage of stories out there. But some of them are definitely better than others and with Valentine's Day around the corner, I figured I would share. A friend of mine told me this one and it knows no bounds. Personally, I've always thought I would have a destination wedding. But after hearing this story, I'm not sure anymore.

So to protect the identity of the shamed, let's refer to our couple, protagonists of this marriage made in hell, as Jane and John. Despite as American Jane and John may sound, they were actually not from the USA and instead from the UK. Anyway, long story short, on a cold and rainy evening in Devonshire (I'm guessing) John proposes to Jane over bangers and mash (again, pure conjecture). Jane says "yes." The couple then decide to plan a grand destination wedding in you guessed it...Cuba! (At the time, it was one of the perks of living in the EU). The wedding goes off without a hitch, Fidel I'm told did not attend. The couple even filed their marriage license right then and there in Cuba and never gave it a second thought...until a year later when infidelity crept in and it became painfully clear that they had made a mistake and wanted nothing more than to NOT spend the rest of their lives together. But when they went to file for their divorce, they were informed of their second, much bigger mistake: because their marriage was on file in Cuba, the law mandates that it could only be dissolved in person. Apparently this sort of statute is not uncommon--when a marriage license is filed abroad in person, in some cases it has to be dissolved in person. And so a year later the very unhappy, very bitter newlyweds had no choice but to make the long trek back to Cuba, just to get divorced. I wonder if they sat next to each other on the plane.

This is basically my worst fear come to life...infidelity within a year of marriage and then I have to see him again! My takeaway: if you plan to get hitched abroad, you better make sure your special someone is THE one, because if they're not, returning the wedding gifts is the least of your problems. Traveling BACK to the scene of "I do" to say "I don't anymore" is just cruel and unusual, man. I mean, if there's anything more awkward then going on vacation to get divorced, please tell me now...or forever hold your peace.

If you liked this story and want to hear more hilarious dating stories, let me know! There's more to the world than politics. Shocking, I know!;)

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