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These Are The Top 25 Destinations To Indulge In Global Delicacies

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With three quarters of global travelers saying that they’d likely travel somewhere renowned for its great food and drink when choosing their next travel destination, culinary travel is a trend on the rise. The joy of trying and eating delicious new dishes while traveling can make a trip to remember. ― the global leader in connecting travelers with the widest selection of incredible places to stay― uncovers the top food destinations around the world, as endorsed by travelers. Now you can discover these gastronomic hotspots on your next getaway!

Foodie Favorites: The Global Hotspots

Among the over 118 million real traveler reviews on, food stands out as a clear passion for many, representing a central theme in countless reviews. The data reveals Asian and South American flavors feature highly in the top 10 foodie favorite destinations, with Greece, Australia and Spain also included. At the top of the list are Hong Kong, with its famous dim sum, São Paulo with Brazilian barbecue, and Tokyo, whose restaurants have accrued more Michelin stars than New York and Paris combined.

1.) Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2.) Sao Paulo, Brazil

3.) Tokyo, Japan

4.) Athens, Greece

5.) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

6.) Melbourne, Australia

7.) Bangkok, Thailand

8.) Granada, Spain

9.) Las Vegas, USA

10.) Buenos Aires, Argentina

11.) Singapore, Singapore

12.) Warsaw, Poland

13.) Porto, Portugal

14.) Valencia, Spain

15.) Florence, Italy

16.) Milan, Italy

17.) Sydney, Australia

18.) Krakow, Poland

19.) Istanbul, Turkey

20.) Lisbon, Portugal

21.) Munich, Germany

22.) Copenhagen, Denmark

23. ) Seville, Spain

24.) Brussels, Belgium

25.) Rome, Italy

The United States Taste Tour: The Local Favorites

In the U.S., the top spot for food as endorsed by travelers from the U.S. is Las Vegas, Nevada, which has packed in more than 40 celebrity chef-lead restaurants.

Gastronomic Tourism reveals that when choosing their next travel destination, the majority (75%) of global travelers would likely travel somewhere known for its great food and drink. It’s millennials who are most eager to combine travel and food, with 79% of travelers between the ages of 18 and 34 considering traveling somewhere that’s specifically known for its gastronomic delights.

Almost one in 10 (8%) people have traveled in the last year to fulfill their hobby of fine dining, and seven percent for their passion for wine. Millennials are most interested in satisfying their passion for food while traveling, with one in 10 (10%) combining their love of street food with traveling – compared to only four percent of travelers over 55 years old.

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