Beyoncé's Father Is Planning A Destiny's Child Musical For Broadway

Matthew Knowles says he's already reached out to his daughter and bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for support.

Beyoncé’s father, Mathew Knowles, says he aims to “pull back the curtain” on one of the most successful female pop groups in history by mounting a Broadway musical about Destiny’s Child. 

The Alabama-born music executive announced the plans in a Tuesday statement on his website. He said he was working closely with director, writer and producer Je’Caryous Johnson on the show, which will be titled “Survivor: The Destiny’s Child Musical.”

“I feel it’s time to give the world an opportunity to hear, see and feel the victories and failures that I’ve had as a husband, father and manager who risked everything in pursuit of fulfilling dreams – those of mine and others,” he said in the statement

“Survivor: The Destiny’s Child Musical” is currently slated to premiere in Houston next year, with an eventual transfer to Broadway, London’s West End and a world tour. 

He further elaborated on the show in a Thursday interview with the New York Post’s Page Six, saying that he’d “directly and indirectly spoken” to Beyoncé, as well as bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. He said he had offered for them to be as involved with the project as they wanted. 

“I wouldn’t want to put anything out that didn’t have everyone’s support,” he said. “Everybody understands this is my perspective, not their perspective. The girls were very young when they got into this business, so a lot of this perspective, they didn’t really understand.”

Knowles was the manager of Destiny’s Child from its inception in 1990, when the group comprised six members and was known as Girl’s Tyme. He continued to oversee the group through all of their hit albums like “The Writing’s on the Wall” in 1999 and “Survivor” in 2001. He was also reportedly instrumental in their 2002 hiatus ― and, consequently, allowing Beyoncé to pursue her now mega-successful solo career.  

Since then, however, he’s had a complicated relationship with his superstar daughter. By 2011, Beyoncé announced that she would no longer be managed by her father. Neither she nor her sister Solange were present at his 2013 wedding to model Gena Charmaine Avery, which took place some two years after he divorced their mother, Tina Knowles. 

Many have interpreted Beyoncé’s song “Daddy Lessons,” off her smash 2016 album, “Lemonade,” as a subtle acknowledgment of her father’s alleged infidelity. 

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