7 Ways To De-Stress Your Kitchen (PHOTOS)

A refrigerator should not be cause of anxiety.

When we asked you, our lovely readers, which room in your house caused you the most stress, the majority of you said the kitchen. And to us, that makes plenty of sense.

This room is often considered the hub of the modern home. It gets a lot of traffic, and it's become not just a place for cooking and eating, but also acts as catch-all area for a family's comings and goings, a storage space, mail center and general hangout for everyone.

And while we love long conversations over meals and making many other memories in our eating space, we aren't exactly fond of the stress that we feel when we're looking for a specific baking ingredient in a messy fridge or the fact that our countertops are cluttered with gadgets and appliances, even when they're not in use.

Although this space may never be a calming oasis, it is possible to dramatically reduce headaches caused by kitchen chaos. We’ve come up with seven ways to de-stress your kitchen as a step towards having a tension-free home. Click through and let us know some of your tips for creating a calming environment. And be sure to check out our de-stressing living room and bathroom ideas as well.

De-Stress Your Kitchen

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