4 Ways To De-Stress Your Home Office

Let's face it, this room is anything but an organized sanctuary.
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Let's face it, the home office is anything but an organized sanctuary. However, the key to productivity is working in a setting that is organized and neat. Working in environments that are organized, de-stresses the room and allows you to get down to business. Luckily, NAPO Chicago has outlined four timely tips that will turn your home office into an organized sanctuary.

Weekly: First remove anything that isn't office related (like kids toys, tools, memory items). Then go through your papers and mail and you get rid of those that you don't need. Make sure you have an up-to-date filing system so you can simply drop papers in the labeled folders. You can also scan papers, file them electronically, and recycle or shred the hard copy.

Buy: You should buy a 3-tier inbox with the labels such as To Action, To Pay, To File. When you receive papers, they'll go in one of these three categories. Go through every paper on each tier. When you do this, you make sure you are attending to all of your appointments, bills, and responsibilities. There is a certain peace of mind that comes with that accomplishment.

Monthly: Start by removing everything from the top of the desk. First put back only the things that you use on a daily basis. Everything else should be stored in drawers or shelves. Keep the desktop as clear as possible at all times.

Yearly: Store your supplies, stationary, small electronics and pens and pencils in separate, dedicated drawers. You can contain items like paper clips, thumbtacks and rubber bands in their own organizers. Use square or rectangular baskets to keep loose items and streamline the appearance of bookshelves. Also, look through all of the items on your shelves. Donate any books, media, and knick-knacks you no longer love. Someone else will get use of it and you will clear room, allowing you to see and enjoy only those things, which truly make you happy.

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