One Tiny Detail May Prove That 'Walking Dead' Character Is Alive

There's more to that character's shocking "death" than you think.

Thank you, "Walking Dead," for ripping out our throats hearts once again.

For those who somehow missed the recent "Walking Dead" episode and the social media hurricane that followed, Sunday's episode, "Thank You," found Nicholas and Glenn stuck on a dumpster between about the 100th chainlink fence they've encountered and a herd of walkers. Then Nicholas mutters, "Thank you," before shooting himself and taking Glenn into the zombie herd with him. There, everyone's favorite pizza boy appears to get his intestines ripped out. (Sorry, everyone, your next pizza might be a little delayed.)

But there's one major detail about the scene that keeps getting overlooked, and it may prove Glenn is actually still alive. Huffington Post reader Stephi B. pointed it out to us, it's going around "Walking Dead" forums and the actor who plays Nicholas, Michael Traynor, even gave the idea some additional support.

The detail: Nicholas was out of bullets, so he couldn't have shot himself.

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With Nicholas constantly zoning in and out throughout the episode, "Walking Dead" fans theorized Glenn's whole death scene was actually a hallucination, and now that theory is getting some convincing support. "Walking Dead" forums commenter JDAKA0131 explains Nicholas actually appeared to run out of bullets before the dumpster moment.

If you watch the episode as Glenn is dropping his weapon you can hear two clicks from Nicholas's pistol indicating he is out of ammo and no reload occurred. If Nicholas is out of ammo how did he shoot himself???? Unless the show really got this wrong, the whole scene must be a hallucination by Nicholas.

OK, whoa.

Conveniently, most clips of the scene online start after Nicholas and Glenn are already climbing on the dumpster.

But if you watch the full episode on AMC 's website, you can see the moment in question, which happens a few seconds earlier. Glenn puts his gun down and switches to a knife. As that's happening, you hear two clicks. As the commenter points out, these appear to have come from Nicholas' empty gun, since Glenn's gun is pointed down as he's putting it away.

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It's pretty hard to blow your brains out without bullets, so, Nicholas, you got some 'splaining to do!

We asked "Walking Dead" actor Michael Traynor about it, and he says a hallucination is totally possible.

"That would be interesting. I mean, you know, with Tyreese’s episode when he dies, there was this sort of strange fever dream, so it could all be a snapback. I think they’re endlessly creative on the show, and they incorporate really complex devices to help tell an interesting story, so that’s a possibility," says Traynor.

Also adding support, Traynor couldn't rule out the possibility of seeing more Nicholas on the show, and we already know showrunner Scott Gimple confirmed we would see Glenn back in some way.

Was it all just a hallucination? Could the clicks just be an error in the episode? Did Nicholas somehow reload his gun? For the love of Pete, does anyone know why there are so many fences in this town?

Hang in there, Glenn. Do it for the pizza.

"The Walking Dead" airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

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