Determined Tom Brady Let's Jerry Jones Know That PSI Has Nothing To Do With Winning

Even after getting sacked five times, Tom Brady is a determined quarterback whose only end goal is getting the win. That's the mantra this season for a player that is hell-bent on proving to the world that he is deserving of his four championship rings, and on his way to getting one more.

The Dallas Cowboys looked confused, bewildered, outplayed and just downright scared at times on Sunday when being pitted against the New England Patriots and their golden boy, Tom Brady. Following being cleared to play for the NFL season after a federal judge tossed his Deflate Gate case, Brady has set his sights on proving everyone wrong.

Now at 4-0 and atop their division, he's looked 100% amazing, and at times in near perfection of his form. The latest 30-6 stomping of the Cowboys seemed eerily reminiscent of his season opener, where he clobbered the Steelers in a similar fashion.

In spite of taking five sacks during the game, the Pats were leading 13-3 by halftime, thanks to a splendid QB sneak by Tom Brady for a yard to end the half, marking his first rushing score in three seasons.

"I don't think anyone has ever questioned Tom's toughness," Patriots coach Bill Belichick said. "I think Tom is one of the toughest players in the league."

Tom was quick to defend the Cowboys, post-game, however.

"There were a lot of adjustments today," Brady told reporters. "I don't think we practiced much of what they were doing."

As far as getting hammered five times was concerned, Brady admitted that the Pats just needed to learn how to make better, faster adjustments at the line, and that sometimes he babysat the ball for too long while making reads.

"It's a good front," he said. "They've got good team speed. I was probably holding it too long on some of those plays. "Offensive line, I think they do a great job. Like I said, we adjusted to some different things. "It's four games into the year and you can't practice everything. We'll make the adjustments and hopefully be better next week."

Still, Brady added two touchdowns to his season stats and helped the Patriots make their fourth season start with four consecutive wins. He joined the elite club of Fran Tarkenton and Peyton Manning, the only three QBs to earn four 4-0 team starts in the NFL.

His form has been nearly perfect in each outing, too. A look back at how he diced the Bills in week two is also telling.

So far this season, Brady has tossed for 1,387 yards and 11 touchdowns with no interceptions, posting a 72.5 completion percentage and an impressive 121 passer rating.

Perfection can look this good. No PSI or deflation necessary. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Rodger Goodell; Greg Hardy.

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