Detroit ATM Robbery: 3 Instances Of Attempted Cash Machine Theft At City Businesses In 4 Days

A string of brazen ATM machine robberies were attempted the week of Christmas in Detroit.

On Friday morning, armed thieves wearing masks slammed a van into a CVS pharmacy on the 18000 block of E. Warren Ave. near Mack Avenue in Detroit, close to the Grosse Pointe border.

Police said the robbers drove a white conversion van into the side of the drugstore near the ATM inside at 7 a.m., an hour before the sun came up. They then entered the building and attempted to drag the ATM outside.

The masked thieves managed to drag the cash machine to the doorway before giving up, grabbing cash and fleeing the pharmacy, according to WXYZ.

Police are investigating a connection between this robbery and two others at CVS stores in Detroit that were attacked in the past week.

"When you come across something like that, it shakes you up," a delivery man told WXYZ. He arrived just as the masked robbers were making their getaway.

Friday morning's robbery is just the latest in a string of ATM machine robberies reported this week. Fox 2 reports that two masked thieves entered the Hollywood Coney Island on Gratiot Avenue on Christmas Day, knocked over the restaurant's cash machine on camera, and dragged it outside. Only two employees were in the store during the time of the robbery. Another employee told Fox 2 that there was no money inside the ATM.

"That was petty to come in here and steal the ATM machine. How about get a job?" employee Tyeisha Bell told Fox 2. "I feel not even safe coming to work here in this neighborhood."

On Thursday morning, armed robbers entered a BP gas station at Van Dyke and Gratiot Avenue, near the restaurant that was attacked earlier in the week. According to Fox 2, the three criminals attacked the ATM with a sledgehammer while holding the gas station employee at gunpoint. After seven minutes of hammering, the BP employee was able to call 911, and the robbers fled the scene without any cash.

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