Detroit Bailout -- Let ExxonMobil Foot the Bill

Listening to the auto execs this week, hat in hand testifying in front of Congress, you'd think it would have offered a humble moment for them to come clean and own up to their mistakes. But no, they continue to deny any responsibility for the mess they are in. Instead (oh how convenient) they blamed their problems on the current collapse of the economy! That denial alone should exempt them from any "bridge loan."

The best idea I've heard in the last few days comes from an unlikely source, the actor Ashton Kutcher on the Bill Maher show, who repeated the suggestion that the auto industry go meet with the oil industry - their partner in crime - and ask them for a bailout. At least we know ExxonMobil can afford it.

And while we're on the subject, the one piece of good news today is that John Dingell may finally be on his way out as head of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. He had what, like 30 years to get this right? And all he did, over and over again, was enable Detroit to do nothing. It's time to let Henry Waxman assume this important role, particularly since global warming and energy will be the central focus of the committee's upcoming agenda. We can't afford to let Dingell's brand of obstruction stand in the way of real progress any longer.