Detroit Bankruptcy CGI Video From Taiwan's Next Media Animation Is The Oddest Explainer Yet

Someone already made the most offensive video about Detroit's bankruptcy filing, but this is hands-down the most bizarre rendition of the news from the last 24 hours.

Though the voiceover sticks close to the facts until the end, the animation starts and finishes as a dystopian dream. Obama rolls up a request for aid into a joint and smokes it, Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr slaps a hamburger out of a judge's mouth and a talking panda argues the city's case. You know, just a normal day in Detroit.

The video is a little less strange once you know it's from Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese media company that can turn any big news story -- whether a Lindsay Lohan stint in jail or the 2010 midterm elections -- into a surreal CGI animation.

Well, at least now we know how to say "the Dirty D" in Mandarin.

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