Detroit Design At Its Best And Worst: Send Us Your Photos

The Detroit Creative Corridor Center will spearhead a massive effort exploring the cutting edge of Detroit art, architecture and design at this year's Detroit Design Festival, which kicks off Wednesday night. While we're sharing our creative visions for the city, The Huffington Post wants to consider how design has already shaped Detroit.

We're seeking submissions for an interactive slideshow, asking readers like you for your best -- and/or worst -- examples of design in the Motor City. Your picks could range from a building or example of interior design, to a graffiti mural or sculpture, an urban development project or automobile. Any physical representation that somehow defines or represents the design aesthetic of Detroit will fit.

We'd like to see both your BEST AND WORST picks for Detroit design (that hideous-looking building, loathed sculpture, or useless public space). If you can only think of one, that's okay, too!

You can upload your selections below or simply send an image of your example in JPG form (if you have it) and 3-4 sentences on how you made your choice for your Best and/or Worst examples of design to your HuffPost Detroit editors. Let us know your name, profession and where you live.

Best And Worst Design In Detroit