Detroit Dog Rescue Raises $20,000 In One Day

When Detroit Dog Rescue was profiled on NBC Nightly News, the organization only had $40 left to its name.

However, through increased visibility due to the news report, Detroit Dog Rescue received almost $30,000 in donations in the 24 hours after the program was broadcast.

NBC Nightly News reports that even though the news program did not mention the option of donations, viewers still found a way to contribute.

Detroit Dog Rescue says that over 50,000 stray dogs run wild in the Motor City, and when animal care workers pick them up, 90 percent of them are eventually euthanized. One volunteer told NBC Nightly News:

"There's a lot of problems in Detroit but this is one that we felt like we could do something about. It might not be the biggest problem... just because you can't fix everything doesn't mean you shouldn't try to fix something."


Make a donation to the Detroit Dog Rescue by following the links below.