Detroit Emergency Manager Appeal Not Supported By Mayor Dave Bing, Council Votes 7-1 For It

After Michigan Gov. Rick. Snyder declared that Detroit has a financial emergency, Mayor Dave Bing said Wednesday he would not stand in the way of Snyder's ensuing appointment of an emergency financial manager.

"The fighting must stop now," said Bing. "We need to end the drama and the infighting and understand whether we like it or not, an emergency financial manager is coming to Detroit."

"Though I continue to be opposed to the appointment of an emergency financial manager," he added, "We must focus on working together so we can remove the need for an EFM in the required 18 months."

Snyder's Friday announcement of a financial emergency followed a report from a state review team finding more than $14 billion in long-term debt and liabilities. Under the law, city officials have the option to request a hearing with Snyder, after which he could revoke his earlier decision. More than likely, however, he will appoint an emergency financial manager, who will have expanded powers after a new law comes into effect on March 28.

According to WXYZ, City Council voted 7-1 that they would tell the state they would attend the hearing, set for Tuesday, to make their case as to why Snyder shouldn't appoint an EFM.

“We’re basically going to ask for that hearing,” Pugh said this afternoon, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The only "no" vote came from President Pro Tem Gary Brown, while Councilman Kwame Kenyatta was absent from the afternoon meeting, according to the Detroit News. Bing did not attend the meeting personally.

Bing said Wednesday that he considered supporting Council's efforts to oppose an EFM, but ultimately decided it was a useless effort when considering what was best for the citizens of Detroit.

"This decision does not mean that I am turning the keys to our city over to the state, or throwing in the towel. It is simply a fight we cannot win at the 11th hour, in a 30-minute appeals hearing. We must take the most productive course of action," he said.

Bing said he accepts that an emergency manager appointment is likely to come whether or not he and Council oppose it.

"We need to stop bs-ing ourselves, quite frankly."



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